OLCT 10N Fixed Digital Gas Detector

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NEW! Discover the preconfigured pack with cable : Easy Duo

  • Digital transmitter without display
  • Available with catalytic bead or electrochemical sensors
  • Detects O2, combustible gas, and toxic gases
  • Available for detection of O2, CO2, H2S, NH3, NO, NO2, Methane, Propane, Butane and Hydrogen
  • For commercial and light industrial applications (laboratories, cooling rooms, hospitals, boiler rooms, waste water treatment plants, etc.)

Digital combustible detector for oxygen, toxic gases or combustible
The OLCT 10N is a digital combustible gas detector designed for to detect combustible, toxic gases or oxygen.

Intended for use in combination with the MX 16, MX 32 and MX 43 controller, the OLCT 10N provides a fast and accurate response.

All transmitter information is received by the controller in less than 1 second.

Non-intrusive operator interface requires only a simple magnetic wand and allows one man calibration without opening the enclosure.


Available in Easy Duo version, a new controller + detector + cable* offer.
This offer applies to versions:

  • MX 16 + OLCT 10N O₂
  • MX 16 + OLCT 10N CO₂

Simplified configuration (no software)
Available in 4-20mA version.
Easy and also ready to use.

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