Area Gas Detectors

Discover the performance of Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection’s wireless gas detection beacons. Our equipment allows you to secure a very wide working area regardless of the field of work.

What are the advantages of a wireless detection beacon?

Wireless beacons are portable detection systems with the same performance as fixed gas detectors. Unlike conventional portable detectors, they are used as area monitoring equipment, not as personal protective equipment.

The detection beacons can detect several gases and be connected to each other in a network; they are then connected to a detection system. Compact, easy to use and easily transportable, they are ideal for protecting your intervention teams in large surface areas with “gas” risks.

Enjoy the performance of our portable detection beacons

Teledyne construction beacons are capable of measuring the concentration of several gases (up to 5 gases). They also allow you to record data over a period of 4 months, and can run continuously for over 170 hours (depending on the configuration).

In addition to detection beacons, Teledyne offers a wide range of wireless gas detection solutions. Click on our different ranges to discover all of their performances!

Area Detector

Fixed Wireless

Wireless Alarms

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