Portable Gas Detectors

Want to protect your staff with high-end portable gas detectors? Discover Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection gas detection solutions.

Why use a portable gas detector?

Our portable detectors have been designed to detect the abnormal presence of one or more gases in a specific area. Operating autonomously, this personal protective equipment (PPE) immediately alerts the user when the gas concentration exceeds the pre-programmed alarm thresholds.

Portable gas detectors prevent all risks that may occur in a specific sector (explosion, fire, intoxication, asphyxiation, etc.). They offer several configuration modes that allow them to adapt to your various business applications.

Detection solutions tailored to your requirements

Teledyne offers several ranges of portable gas detectors. Whether monogas or multigas (carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, flammable gas, infrared, oxygen, flammable gas), our equipment is easily transported and allows a quick grip thanks to its ergonomic design.

Are you interested in our detection systems? Click on the equipment of your choice to access their technical characteristics! You will also find our range of accessories for portable gas detectors online.


Portable Accessories

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