Gas Detector Controllers & Alarms

Equip yourself with high-performance gas detection systems thanks to Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection! Our selection offers several ranges of units and alarms compatible with your gas detectors.

Why use a gas detection controller?

The gas detection controller is the main component of a fixed detection system. Connected to several detectors, it ensures continuous and permanent monitoring of areas presenting gas leak related risks.

It is worth noting that the ATEX EN 50271 certifications and metrological performance according to EN60079-29-1 of your detection installation ensures you a safe operation.

The unit first processes the gas measurements sent by the detectors. In the event of an abnormal threshold, it generates actions to warn you of the dangers associated with an excessive concentration of gas. These actions are previously defined by the user; they may be sound and/or light signalling, servo-controls or alarm reports by remote transmission.

Discover our single and multi-channel detection units online, as well as a complete selection of visual and audible alarms. Are you interested in a particular range? Click on the detection unit of your choice to discover its technical characteristics. Our team can also support you at any time in your detection system installation project.

Fixed Controllers

Fixed Alarms

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