MX 256 Control Unit

  • Digital control unit
  • 8 measuring channels
  • 256 detectors max.
  • Very high flexibility
  • Very economical RS485 bus cabling
  • Tertiary applications, laboratory

Presentation of the control unit
The MX 256 is a digital control unit intended for the detection and measurement of gases present in the atmosphere and more generally for the processing of any digital signal from digital sensors (OLCT 10N types), relay module, analog output module, logic input module. Thanks to its new option, an industrial controller module or remote HMI, it is possible to add analog input modules for sensor-transmitter connection (4-20 mA) and / or relay modules, this allows to not only extend the capacities but also to have event recordings (Location, Alarms,…..) and to have access to the data via the embedded web page.

Industrial controller module option or remote HMI
With this option it is possible to add 4-20mA input modules in order to connect for example the CTX300, OLCT100 (See the list of compatible detectors below), relays, recording equipment, and access to data via the on-board web page

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