Fixed Gas Detector Products

Are you looking for reliable and efficient fixed gas detectors? Discover our detection devices especially designed for professionals in the industry and in the service sector.

Why use a fixed gas detector?

Fixed detectors are used to detect an abnormal or dangerous presence of gas in a specific area and to warn the user in the event of potential hazards. Equipped with sensors (called cells), they can measure the concentration of one or more types of gas, depending on the model.

Unlike portable detectors, fixed detection devices make it possible to secure an entire area 24 hours a day. They can also be connected to a detection system, which displays the gas concentration in numerical value, and then triggers the servo-controls in the event of an abnormal value.

Enjoy a turnkey fixed detection system

Thanks to the Teledyne offer, you can easily find a gas detector that meets your needs (detection of leaks of explosive, toxic, or asphyxiants gases, refrigerant fluids, etc.).

Would you like to know all the features of our fixed gas detectors? Find a description for each product online! Our team is also at your disposal at any time to advise you on the most suitable detection systems for your needs.

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