IP66 Series

The visual warning beacon comes in field interchangeable lens colors of amber, blue, clear, green, red, yellow and magenta.
The beacon can be configured as a steady light for status indication use or alternatively with one of seven flashing modes. Available with a choice of LED or 5 Joule Xenon lights.
The combination AV1-IP66 alarm horn sounder & beacon/status warning light may be connected from a single supply for simultaneous operation or from separate supplies for independent operation.
The compact, robust housing is ideal for all general signaling applications including fire, security and process control.

The IP66 Series of Models A-IP66, V-IP66 and AV1-IP66 consist of an audible sounder (A), a visual beacon (V) or a combination of the two (AV1).

All of these options come in impact resistant plastic housings that are rated to IP66 for dust and water ingress protection.

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