10 Good Reasons to Choose Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

  1. An installation maintained by Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is an installation warranted by Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection.
  2. The largest team in France, 100% Focused on Gas and Flame detection.
  3. Stack the deck in your favor and choose your trusted manufacturer to do your repairs.
  4. Our technicians are continuously trained on our products, and have all needed certifications (Electrical, Chemical, Nuclear, ISM ATEX, MASE, ISO, …)
  5. Call our technical support for free.
  6. We manage and plan all your maintenance visits.
  7. Expert advice and up to date equipment.
  8. A 15% discount on spare parts with our PREVENTION contract.
  9. You are able to control your maintenance budget with our PREVENTION contract.
  10. Two extra years of warranty on all materials maintained by Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection
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