Alarm Bar C1D2

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The Alarm Bar C1D2 audiovisual alarm stations consist of a siren and packaging options for two or four strobes. The horn and strobes meet NEMA 4X watertight, dust-tight requirements and are rated Class 1, Div 2. Alarm components are pre-assembled and packaged in a NEMA 4X rain tight enclosure that can be pipe or wall mounted.

Alarm Bar C1D2 is designed for use in industrial environments where a very bright visual and high decibel alarm signal is required. It is available in a dual strobe or quad strobe configuration. The alarm station consists of a sequence of strobes and a siren. The high intensity strobe light provides 60-80 flashes per minute rated 1.9 joules per flash. Strobe color options include amber, blue, clear, green, purple and red. The siren is capable of producing 28 user selectable tones and produces an output of up to 125 db @ 1 meter.

When used in conjunction with Detcon Sentinel or other Detcon Controllers, the alarm station is typically used to provide an alarm 1 (strobe 1), alarm 2 (strobe 2), alarm 3 (strobe 3), alarm 4 (strobe 4) and alarm 5 (horn) for predetermined hazardous environmental gas levels (toxic or flammable) as indicated by remote mount gas sensors.

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