Oxygas 500 – Portable Gas Leak Detector

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  • Simple 2-button operation
  • Automatic hydrocarbon range selection
  • Gas/Air and Gas/Nitrogen/ Air purge mode
  • Can be calibrated via an IR link to GMI auto test

The Oxygas 500 compliments the Gascoseeker 500 with a similar performance, measuring % LEL and % volume flammable hydrocarbons, but with the addition of oxygen for either gas/air or gas/nitrogen/air purging. The Oxygas 500 has the following additional features; automated zero during start-up, manually selectable purge mode.

The P-500 variant has an additional part per million (ppm) range of methane.

The Oxygas 500 is easy to use with very simple training, as the operation of the instrument follows the operation of the purge cycle. The rugged design allows the Oxygas 500 to be used in harsh environments. The instrument is also fully compatible with our range of calibration software and equipment.

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