CO2 Detection

Whether it’s for a fermentation process or channel distribution, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a toxic gas. It can be found in several industries. For example, CO2 can be used in breweries, cellars or in the food industry as a refrigerant.
There are many other applications where CO2 is used. It most commonly appears in soft drinks and beer; but you can also find it in some fire extinguishers for its ability to cover fire with its weight. In this application, it works by preventing oxygen from reaching the fire. This deprives the burning material of the oxygen that it needs to keep burning.

CO2 is the fourth most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Long-term exposure at 0.5% of volume is sufficient to represent a toxic hazard for humans. Concentrations higher than 15% of volume can result in death.
These dangers require the use of detection systems to protect workers and continually monitor the air quality.

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