Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection offers a wide range marine approved and certified portable and fixed gas detectors for the Marine Industry. Our products have been developed in combination with extensive consultation, technical expertise and regulatory expertise in mind. Our comprehensive range offers highly reliable, compact and rugged designs and the flexibility to adapt to specific use requirements to offer the complete solution for the marine industry.

Remote Fleet Management

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection docking stations allow for complete remote fleet management, enabling the tracking of gas monitor data via the cloud. Understand your field data to make smarter business decisions.

Monitoring the Inerting Process

ShipSurveyor is used on board to monitor flammable gas levels as part of the inerting process which vents fuel vapors and ensures compliance in entering and exiting port.

Stay Safe - Stay Compliant

The buildup of hazardous gases is a major risk in the marine industry, especially in confined or enclose spaces. The new SOLAS Regulation XI-1/7 requires all SOLAS applicable vessels to carry portable gas detectors for crew to monitor enclosed spaces.

Portable Gas Detectors

Workers on board vessels rely on portable gas detectors to monitor gas levels. This is an essential step in maintaining safety and compliance when working in confined spaces.

Docking & Calibration

With the use of portable gas detectors comes a need to ensure they are fully calibrated and bump tested. The Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection range of docking stations enable this, plus the ability to send data into “the cloud” for remote fleet management.

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