Indoor kart racing releases exhaust fumes which can present a potential risk. Each kart is powered by a petrol engine, consuming around 10 liters of fuel per day. Efficient ventilation is therefore needed in all indoor karting venues. If gases and dust are not fully cleared out, carbon monoxide can rapidly saturate the atmosphere and be a source of intoxica­tion. This colorless, tasteless and toxic gas is completely undetectable by human senses, which makes it extremely dangerous.

The International Karting Commission (CIK-FIA) is one of the sporting commissions of the FIA and states that “indoor circuit buildings should be equipped with a ventilation system and a continuously operating alarm system for the car­bon monoxide (CO) content in the air.” (Leisure Karting Guidelines, 5.2.2).

The installation of carbon monoxide detec­tors is made easy with our cost-effective solution, Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection help you to prevent the risk of poisoning and ensure people are not put at risk.

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