Gas Detection in Industrial gases

Industrial gases include all companies which manufacture atmospheric Gases, specific gases, semi-conductor gases and supply them to end users in different ways: on-site, cylinders, tanks to be used in lot of industrial manufacturing processes.

Atmospheric gases

The air we breathe is a mixture of various gases, each with its own unique properties that are invaluable for so many industrial processes and medical therapies (Argon, Carbon dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen).

Cryogenic air separation units (ASU)

Use a low-temperature rectification process to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon. They can also be used to produce other rare gases such as krypton, xenon, helium and neon via the cryogenic rectification of air. These plants can generate gaseous products for pipeline distribution or cryogenic liquids for delivery by truck or for storage.

Industrial gases (more specific)

CO, H2 => SMR (Steam methane reformer).

Electronic gases (for electronics industries)

He, arsine, F2, SF6, etc => ESG (Electronic specific gases).

Special gases

NH3, SO2, CL2, etc…

We offer the most comprehensive line of gas & flame detection portable & fixed range of products and solutions to secure these manufacturing sites for H2, H2 Fire, CO2 and O2 detection as example.

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